Managing your Stress, Diet, Sleep and Exercise for Dynamic Work and Life Performance 

Warning: Missing this will keep you stuck in the rut that you know already know you’re in!

Move beyond TIME and task organization and into dynamic ENERGY regulation.

Let’s face it, we all pretty much know what we’re supposed to be doing, our priorities. That’s what years of training and practice in managing our to-do lists and tasks has given us—and it’s not bad. It’s just incomplete. Time management has been defined as “organizing and executing around priorities” and we have that organizing part down pat. The problem today is not so much in organizing as in the executing. We know what we should be doing but we just don’t have the energy or focus to do it!

Have you said or felt any of these low energy statements before:

– I know I should be spending time with my kids when I get home from work but I’m totally exhausted by the end of the day and can barely crawl off the couch and into bed
– Looking at that pile of work on my desk just makes me depressed.
– I had planned on starting my new diet and exercise program but just kept pushing it off.
– Sleep? Sleep? What’s that? I think I remember what it felt like but that was years ago.

We all have the same amount of time and can’t change that. What you can control and change is your energy levels. Come be motivated to make the course corrections you need to find your energy!

Where does our energy go?

What contributes to the filling and emptying of our energy tanks? Make this workshop a priority and find the answers and your energy. Sharing contemporary research and studies as well as the results of their own empirical findings on workout, diet and life choices, Kaala and his son Isaia Souza provide their perspectives on how to get and keep a full tank of energy for living a dynamic life.


– Learn how to find deep focus and meaningful priorities in only 10 minutes!
– Increase your knowledge of the effects, positive and negative, of food, exercise and stress on your energy levels.
– Identify your top energy thieves and what you can do to plug the leaks
– Recognize your stress areas and learn strategies to manage them
– Overcome your inertia and get moving with jumpstart, out of the box, exercise strategies.

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In class time: 3.5 Hours

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